Ode To Sue 

                                                   I lost my sister about six months ago,she had the cancer that gets in your bones

                                                   she had just turned fifty when she was taken from this earth

                                                  So I am writing this poem for what its worth

                                                  Sue was my little sister,two years younger then me

                                                 A sweet little sister and now she is free

                                                 She was diagnosed,about six months before it took her

                                                 She gave it a fight with all her might

                                                 But it was a fight she couldn’t win

                                                 She left behind two great kids,and a grandchild,she didn’t get to see

                                                So,it is good bye Sue,I will see you in a little while

                                                When I come up to see you,i will bring a ciggy and a smile

                                               This is the hardest thing that I have ever had to write

                                               I had to put it down on paper,the love I have for my sister

                                               I do now,and always will miss her

                                              My heart is full of sorrow,my eyes bleed tears

                                              That fill the rivers of tomorrow

                                              So I come to the final goodbye,Sue you were the bravest perso

                                              That I have ever known,a free spirit floating everywhere

                                              So Sue go and find Greg{ deceased brother} and you can walk

                                             the path together,whereever it may go