Goodbye 27

                                                         We have been going out for a month now

                                                         and I still don’t anything about you

                                                         You have all these little secrets

                                                        you built a wall,that I cant beak through

                                                        You sit there playing with your phone

                                                        oblivious to whats around you

                                                       I ask a question,i get no answer

                                                       You are just a lonesome dancer

                                                       So goodbye 27

                                                       I thought you were an angel from heaven

                                                      but  you are an angel in disquise

                                                      now you are free to see other guys

                                                      I wish you the best on your travels

                                                     but open your mouth and speak

                                                     just find your path and seek

                                                    So goodbye 27

                                                    You are not what im looking for

                                                    your too young,only27

                                                   I need someone older that’s for sure


                                                  This poem is dedicated to my good friend

                                                  Clyde Dylan Ybanez

                                                  Thanks for your friendship,support

                                                  and inspiration.