Aint No Good Luck

                                                       I woke up this morning with the blues

                                                       from my headache to my shoes

                                                       turned on the tv,got the bad morning news

                                                      Plane crash,car smash,train off the rails       

                                                      news reader lookingsmug,tidy and neat

                                                     reading the news from their privliged seat

                                                      Im just a spectator in this thing called life

                                                      got no children,havent got a wife

                                                      If I get up to walk,i would fall down the stairs

                                                      If I get in my car,i would drive off a cliff

                                                      If I took a girl home,my cock wouldn’t get stiff

                                                      You get the picture,just stay in bed

                                                       You cant get in trouble that way

                                                       Unless you piss on your electric blanket

                                                       and become a crispy critter haha