A Little Something

                                                         It seems like pain and sorrow

                                                         follows me around like my shadow

                                                         A knife in the guts,a hole in my soul

                                                        Im standing on the gallows

                                                        Ineed a little something

                                                       to get me through the day

                                                       a pill a beer,i don’t care

                                                      just give me a little something

                                                      Im creeping around,going nowhere

                                                     waiting for a pick me up&go

                                                     I feel the badness everywhere

                                                     It feels like im dying,real slow

                                                    Ineed a little something

                                                    to make the pain go away

                                                    A whiskey,bourbon,maybe some coke

                                                    Something to drink,something to smoke

                                                    You know what I am saying

                                                    You have been down that road yourself

                                                    I am out of my head,dont know whats happening

                                                     Just give me a little something