Don’t You Say

                                                                         If you are leaving,dont slam the door

                                                                         I don’t want to see anymore

                                                                         If you choose to stay

                                                                         Your attitude has got to change

                                                                        So be what may,sometimes you are strange

                                                                         So don’t you dare say that you love me

                                                                         Cause we both know it is just a lie

                                                                         You don’t know what love is

                                                                         I would rather just say good bye

                                                                         What are you waiting for

                                                                         You haven’t gone yet

                                                                         Just take your problems and go

                                                                         I wish we had never met

                                                                         You can do whatever you like

                                                                         So get on your bike,and take a hike.