Make You Mine

                                                               I see you standing on the corner

                                                               Looking all sweet and fine

                                                               With your long hair and big boots

                                                              I want to make you mine

                                                              As I look to where you are standing

                                                              Our eyes meet from across the street

                                                              A knowing glance,is that a sign?

                                                             I want to make you mine

                                                             You tell me your name is Nancy

                                                             Your face made up all fancy

                                                             The sun catches your hair,makes it shine

                                                             I want to make you mine

                                                             I hope like hell that you are single

                                                            And want to go out and mingle

                                                            Lets go and have a good time

                                                           I want to make you mine

                                                           We go out for a dance and some loving

                                                          Things are getting all hot and heavy

                                                          Jesus is this really happening

                                                          Could she really be the one

                                                         She knows a trick or two with her fingers

                                                         As they go exploring

                                                         There is one thing,she is never boring

                                                         So after all the dancing and romancing

                                                         We get along all fine all dandy

                                                         She tastes as sweet as candy

                                                         You know she could be mine