Quantum Mechanics

                                                Nothing gets my imagination going more than

                                                Quantum Mechanics

                                                 It has always been my favourite subject

                                                 I don’t know what is better the Quantum or

                                                 the Mechanics

                                                 Come to think of it,I like them both

                                                 but put them together and kapow

                                                 I love to write about Matter,Energy Scale of

                                                 Atoms,Photons,Spectrial Intensities Nanoscopic

                                                 Scales and Planck Contact

                                                 I have known about Quantum Mechanics for a very

                                                 long time now

                                                 Probably since about 9.30 this morning,when I got

                                                 a text from Mr C wanting me to write about my

                                                 favourite subject Quantum Mechanics

                                                 Well most of the stuff so already in my head haha

                                                 But I had help from the Google man

                                                  Who will always give you a helping hand

                                                  So there you are Mr C that is my take on the subject

                                                   Thanks for the challenge,it got me out of my favourite


                                                   And for me that is very rare.