The Rain

                                                         Went bushwalking this morning

                                                         up on nanny goat hill,Wallsend

                                                         When the rain started coming down

                                                         It was kind of annoying,but it made

                                                        a pleasant sound

                                                        Iwas like a drowned rat trudging

                                                       through the bush

                                                       looking for somewhere to shelter

                                                       I love the rain,but at the same time

                                                       I hate it

                                                       It can start out as a gentle stream

                                                       that can turn into a flood

                                                       But the rain also fills the dams and rivers

                                                       that breaks a year long drought

                                                       I like to sit on my lounge watching the rain

                                                       come down

                                                       but if it rains to much you have to mow the

                                                       lawn all the time and you cant get the washing

                                                       in off the clothes line

                                                       The rain is a pleasant thing,but also it can be

                                                       a savage beast

                                                       You want the rain in moderation,

                                                        to keep the peace.