I am sitting here, writing this,thinking about

                                                                   my grandpop,who died in 1973

                                                                   Most of the time he was a cranky old bastard

                                                                   who wouldn’t give you the time of day

                                                                   But at other times he would tell me stories

                                                                   He told me that when he was young there

                                                                   no cars,that people got around in horse&cart

                                                                   He said that when he worked in the mines,

                                                                   he used to carry around a canary

                                                                   If the canary died you couldn’t go underground

                                                                   He also told me a bit about when he went to war

                                                                  he would tell me a bit and then go quiet,you could

                                                                  tell by his face that he was haunted

                                                                  I think that the war got into his head,he would

                                                                 sometimes drink,and go a little wild

                                                                 He liked his whiskey and roll yer owns

                                                                and the wore a funny hat

                                                                He never smiled,most of the time he was withdrawn

                                                                and sullen

                                                                But get him on a good day,you couldn’t meet a

                                                                better person

                                                                I still think about grandpop,every now and then

                                                                So here I am now writing with paper and pen

                                                               Goodbye Grandpop