My Brother Greg

                                                I used to have a little brother,his name was Greg

                                               he is no longer with us

                                               unfortunately my brother is dead

                                               It has been a long time now

                                              Greg died back in the eighties

                                              Oct 18 1986 to be exact

                                              You know the memories,it is hard sometimes to remember

                                              Iknow we used to sit around smoking dope,

                                             and having a few beers

                                            We played soccer,cricket,and out hung out together

                                            But Greg went out and bought a motorbike

                                            My parents hated it,and were afraid there would be an accident

                                            Well my parents were rarely wrong

                                           and they weren’t this time either

                                           There was an accident,a really bad one

                                           and Greg didn’t walk away

                                          I remember the night the police knocked on the door

                                          I just went to pieces,i don’t remember hitting the floor

                                         They told there had been a fatality on Minmi road

                                         Greg had come off his bike,hit his head on a pole

                                         You know the saddest part of all this,

                                         is that it is such a waste

                                         Greg didn’t get to live a life,just a little taste

                                        So Greg you are gone but not forgotten

                                        I think about you everyday

                                      I wonder what you would have done with your life

                                      Maybe had some kids,maybe a wife

                                     So Greg I will see you again one day

                                     and we will have a beer or a reefer

                                    So long little brother,i will catch you in the breeze

                                   I hear your voice as it whispers through the trees

                                   24,then no more.