Wife With A Knife

                                                                 I have been stuck in a marriage

                                                                 For twelve long years now

                                                                 There have been plenty of fights

                                                                 Swearing and broken vows

                                                                 Thank Christ there are no children

                                                                 I would not want to pass on her genes

                                                                I really should not say that,cause

                                                                We are both at fault

                                                                I think we just out grew each other

                                                                When she gets home,Im gonna call a halt

                                                                What was that noise?It is coming from

                                                                 The kitchen,did someone just break in,or

                                                                 am I imaging the whole thing

                                                                Oh,its just the wife,i recognise her sounds,

                                                                What is that in her hand?

                                                                Crikey,the wifes got a knife

                                                                And she is heading my way

                                                                I get up and run,I am running for my life

                                                                I realise I am in a whole lot of trouble,

                                                                a whole lot of strife

                                                                The wife has a knife

                                                                I think she has finally snapped

                                                               The wife has a knife

                                                               How can she move so fast

                                                               She is slashing and stabbing

                                                               Looking for a weak point

                                                               The wife has a knife

                                                               Im,hit I can see my blood pooling

                                                               on the floor

                                                              The wife has a knife

                                                               And in one moment,i am no more