Magical Chariots

                                            In this land of magical chariots,and invisible lions

                                           Live the people of the Mismarrk clan,wich doctors,

                                           head hunters,basket weavers and the magic man

                                          The magic man does not need a chariot,he flys

                                          with the wind,floating like a bird,skirting the clouds

                                          way above the trees,with golden wings he glides

                                          sbove the earth,seeking a new beginning,a rebirth

                                          Back down on earth the magic mans wife,mixes a

                                         potion of animal parts and blood looking for a

                                         way to improve her life.

                                        She is tired of weaving baskets,cooking meals,and

                                        washing clothes in the crocodile river.

                                       She wants to fly,she wants a magical chariot,she wants

                                       to be with the magic man,so they can be together,to be

                                       as one,forever and ever and ever.

                                       Also in this land of magical chariots and invisible lions,

                                       lived the people called the Christians

                                       As you might know Christians and lions did not get

                                      along all that well,but over the years the Christians

                                     prevailed and all is well.

                                     Well this is a story from long a go,In the time of Julius

                                      Caesar,Cleopatra,Socrates,Plato,Marc Antony,and

                                      well,you know the rest.

                                      But if we move to modern times,in this time of,skyscrapers,

                                      aeroplanes,microwave ovens,ipods,computers,and all

                                     the mod cons.

                                     If you talk about the magical chariots in the modern day,

                                     it is not the Lamborgini,Ferrari,Mercedes Benz,Beemer

                                     Fiat,Holden,Ford,or the Royce Roller,it is of course,

                                     the Toyota Corolla,the ultimate magical chariot haha.