Mixed Emotions

Don’t say that you are sorry,cause

you don’t really mean it.

You are just trying to get back into

my good books.

You think you can float through life

with your perfume and good looks.

Don’t tell me that you are sorry,cause

I cant take it any more.

You whimper and whine like a cat

with a poorly paw.

You are just after attention and a bit

of sympathy.

But I tell ya,you are gonna get jack shit

out of me.

Time and time again I take you back,it

must have something to do with the

brain cells that I lack.

But this time it is different,this time I am


I don’t want you coming around here no


The screen door slams,I see you walking

down the street.

I watch you leave,my breathing nice and


But then again,I am thinking,Come back

baby I am missing you already.