Mr Bad Luck

I am walking along the footpath

trying not to step on a crack.

Cause we all know that it is seven

years of bad luck.

Bad luck seems to follow me like a


I think I was born in the back of a


As the old song goes[if it wasn’t for bad

luck I would have no luck at all].

Walking along the same street,a black

cat walks in front of me

I jump back and cross the road,what

next? A freaking cane toad?

Bad luck stalks me like a stranger

I look behind me,who is always there.

Bad luck and trouble is coming my way

Bad luck and trouble is here to stay.

Your life is what you make of it.

If you expect the worst,that is what

you will get.

So keep your hopes up and things

will turn around.

And all your worries and woes will

disappear without a sound.

So I say to you Mr bad luck,put on

your shoes and go for a walk.

Because me and Mr good luck are

gonna have a talk.