Well I was in my loungeroom

doing my usual workout

push ups,crunches,about 50

of each.

jogging on the spot,skipping  rope

nothing was beyond my reach

After my workout I was cooling down,

had a drink of water,so then of course

I had to piss.

So after doing my business,i was

washing my hands,and looked in the mirror

and what did I see?

Arnold Schwazenegger looking back at me.

I thought Jesus,i am getting big and tough

I had another look,its him sure enough

I was finally getting toned and buff

I had never realised the workouts were

going that well

All the muscles in my body seem to get

bigger and swell

Now I will have to buy bigger shirts

something to contain my guns

Maybe get a bigger car an join a gym

Arnie,Van Damne,The Rock,we are all

the same

I might get a bigger house,maybe

change my name

I race back to my mirror for another


Arnie has been replaced by this geeky

looking guy,with puny arms,skinny legs

and a body like a stick

I sneak another look just to be sure,the

reflection in the mirror,what do I see?

Why it is just me,living in reality.