I guess you have heard the news today

about all the people who have been found,

their brains gone,disembowelled.

They were found in some sort of nest,a

giant nest,built by a giant pest.

Who will be the next victim?

Well the authorities have done the autopsies,

to see what has caused the massacre,they

found hairs,whiskers,and a broken incisor.

After an investigation,they have come to the

conclusion,that the tooth,belongs to a rat.

Not just any rat,this is one big mother,as

big as a kangaroo.

So people stay inside,try to hide,cause this

rodent is gonna kick the shit out of you.

Down in the sewers,way beneath the city,lives

the reason why I am writing this story,the killer

rat in all its glory

With a tail as thick as rope,whiskers as long as

a baseball bat,with a bite like a great white,people

are literally dying of fright.

After years of eating rat sac and other poisons,the

rats have built up a resistance.

A mutation occurred,a new species created.

Gods creation is now an inbombination.

The rats now have the taste for human blood,they

will eat your meat,till you are nothing but bones.

So for God sake people,stay in your homes.

The pied piper has been called,he is on his way.

But I am afraid the rats are hear to stay.

Now wait for the movie,its gonna be groovy.


( the rodents revenge )