This is the story of the silent ninja

He stalks while he walks

He creeps as he seeks

You want hear a sound,cause

his feet never touch the ground.

He can jump from the trees to

the ground.

Or is it the other way around.

Either way he is one dangerous


It is best to avoid him,one way or


The silent ninja gets around in black


His face is always in the background

For your sake,just do what he says,

Or before you know it you are no longer


The silent ninja,is the Asian James Bond

says no to a martini,a sake if you please

He doesn’t need gadgets,or a fancy car

just his hands and feet,sometimes his knees.

The silent ninja,isnt ginger,his hair is as black

as coal.

If you look inside him,you would think he has no


But just is just a cover,the ninja does the good fight

His heart is in the right place.

He should try to wear better clothes,as he tries to

save the human race.

The silent ninja has been around for over 1000


He lives in the land of the cherry blossom

Over the mountains,and through the forests.

He rides a big white horse,ready to fight for

any good cause.

So if you ever need some help

Just call 1800NINJA.