Take a look into my bloodshot eyes

Too many beers over the years

Too many lies and false alibis

Telling drunkin stories,morning glory

First beer about 10 in the morning

My second at about 20 past

Another day off work,work is boring

A few more beers,by lunch time im


Wake up about 3 have myself a longneck

3.30 I have another,then another.

About 5.30,i have a liquid dinner,I cant

help it,I have gone from saint to sinner.

Started drinking,when I was like thirteen

after school have a dose of liquid amber.

My didn’t understand what was happening

to me.

I am going off the deep end,I hold my

hoping I don’t drown

Fuck it,its time for another round.

I think I am riding the slippery slope of

no hope.

A downward spiral into the abyss

Jesus I really need to do a piss.

After my leak,I head to the bar

on my way to a bridge too far

Is there a bungee rope on this slippery

slippery slope.

I hope it holds and doesn’t break.

My life is a lie,it is all fake.

Just give me a beer for goodness.

I don’t care my ashes they can rake.

After I am gone,sing a mournful song

Light up and smoke another bong.

Goodbye cruel world,I think Hamlet said.

I would wake up,but I am dead.

ps  This story isn’t about me or anybody

it is what it is,just a story.