Let me introduce myself,in case you

Didn’t know.

I was born in 1976 in the Sudan or

the congo,depending on what books

you read.

Do you want to know my name?

I was born near a river in the Congo.

So I was named after a river,Ebola is my

name,killing is my game.

I am Ebola,hear me roar.

You don’t want me knocking on your door.

I am just a virus,first I will kill you gently.

Then I will get kind of morbid,and I will kill

with a vengeance.

When we first met,you didn’t even know

I was there.

But I sure left an impression.

First you will get a fever,sore throat,a

few aches and pains.

A bit of a rash,a bit of a vomit,then you get

the bloody diarrhea.

Then when you think you are getting better

I will come for more.

This time there is no escape I am 90& sure.

I am just a virus

I am coming after you.

I am just a virus

Causing havoc from within you.

I can see a little blood,then a lot more

It is coming out of everywhere.

If you have watched the news lately,you will

know that I am still around.

I still live in Africa,but I am looking to


Now wouldn’t that be great?

I am just a virus

With their masks and white suits they think

They can stop me.

I am just a virus

I can not be defeated,I float in the air,wild

and free.

I will be around forever,no vaccine,pill or

treatment will stop me.

I am your worst nightmare.