Good evening people welcome to the show

I am going to tell you a story,in all its guts

and glory.

This story is about a killer,a serial killer,who

has never been caught.

All the police efforts to find him have come

to nought.

It all started in about 1990,when bodies started

to surface in the dunes on the north coast,and

body parts started to arrive in the post.

A finger was sent to the police.

A toe to the papers.

A ear was sent to the mayor,where is it going to

go from here.

A few years have gone it is now 1996.

The killer is still on the loose,still seeking

Wanting a way to get his kicks.

The death toll has reached 28 with no end in


Forensics have arrived at the latest death scene.

There might be a break through,they examine

what could be a bite mark.

It is a another dead end,the evidence doesn’t

add up.

The cops has chasing shadows,chasing their

own tails.

The killer is in a flaming rage,he loves to see

his exploits splashed across the front page.

His ego is getting bigger.

The death toll is getting longer.

New years eve in the year 2000

There is no celebration.

There is a killer scaring the crap out of the

whole nation.

2005,has just come and gone,the killer is

still slicing and dicing.

It is now 2014,the misery has gripped the whole


84 people have come to a grizzly end.

But there is no need to worry,this is just a


The killers rage is just my pen going across

the page.