My girl friend just told that after three years of

going out.

That she was looking for someone else.

She was getting a hunger for something new.

A new saddle to jump.

A new pelvis to hump.

I couldn’t believe it,it came out of the blue.

I thought all was going well,it just goes to show,

You can never tell.

Well in between,my sobs,my cries,my weeps

I tried to carry on.

Tried to sing the same old song.

What was different,what went wrong?

I didn’t want to want to show it,but her leaving,

really cut me deep.

What happens to the ring I gave her?,What about

the engagement.

I guess she has come to a new arrangement.

My Sobs,My Cries,My Weeps.

Every night they soak my pillow,soak my sheets,

I think I am going to drown in my own misery.

It has been three months since she walked out that


I guess she aint coming around here no more.

I am trying to move on,to sing a new song,the chorus

and verse are easy,the bridge is the hardest part,it is

the span between the space.

Where I need to save face.

My Sobs,My Cries,My Weeps.

Are slowly starting to dry,I have finally found the

answer to the question.Why?

My Sobs,My Cries,My Weeps

Have finally turned to dust.

Is it God or the Devil,in who we trust?

I just hope my love life,hasn’t turned to rust.