When I was thirteen some friends and I

decided to go for a ride on our push bikes.

We did our best riding at about midnight

When all the stores were closed.

We shunned the day time shopping,where

You pay through the nose.

We would ride and ride,until we found a

Suitable venue for our misbehaviour and

Our juvenile delinquent ways

Juvenile delinquent

Is that what I was?

Juvenile delinquent

Is that who I am?

I was a good boy until I fell in with the

wrong bunch of kids.

They showed me the darker side of the


I saw the seedier side of life where your

body is up for bids.

Well we rode around at night,causing trouble

And mayhem,for going on two years.

Causing shop owners to lose money and

plenty of tears.

Juvenile Delinquint

Is that what I was?

Juvenile Delinquint

Is that who I am?

Well we went for a ride one night,what we

Didn’t know,it was to be our last

The long arm of the law,was just about to

Tap us on the shoulder.

Our flag is gonna fly half mast.

We had had a good run,but I was glad when

We got busted

It was getting out of hand,things were getting more

and more dangerous.

It was the money,thrills and cigarettes that we


At the end we had our tails between our legs,heads

Down and ashamed,we were led into the court room.

We had to face our punishment,maybe get put away

For a while.

And go to a place where they don’t know the meaning

Of a smile.

We waited a long time for the judge to return from his

Chambers,he gave us look,and told us to stand.

He gave us three years probation,I guess God was

Holding our hands.

We got off light and easy,we didn’t really pay the price for

Our stupidity.

We know we got lucky,cause we escaped the dirty part

Of the city.

Juvenile Delinquint

Is that who I was?

Juvenile Delinquint

That is not who I am.

PS once this is totally made up,it is not about me or