I live on the edge of society

right on the edge of town

I am the outsider,the undecider,

The lone rider.

People tend to shy away when

they see me coming their way.

I shuffle along pushing my shopping


It is full of all of my belongings,

a jumper,blanket,and all of my

broken dreams.

I tried to keep my life together

But it all started to wither.

All of my grapes fell off the vine.

Without any chance to turn into wine.

I live in the bush in a shallow cave.

If I don’t watch out it will turn into

A shallow little grave.

I have always been kind of lonesome.

The Outsider,living my life on the streets.

The Outsider,dancing to a different beat.

I have always just wanted to fit in

You know,not to fat,not to thin

Not to quiet,not to loud

Just to be part of the crowd.

Just to be a regular member of the

human race.

To have friends,and my own living space.

But when you are pushed around and

knocked to the ground.

It is hard to get up and have a look


I tried to sneak a look,but all I saw was

a whole lot of trouble.

So I stayed on the ground,didn’t look


I lived in the dirt,till it hurt.

The Outsider,undecider,the lone rider

Living on the edge of the city.

Full of false bravado,and self pity.

My shopping trolley has got a broken


All my self worth down in the gutter.

What more can go wrong,why do I have

To suffer.

There is no answer to that question

I am just talking to the moon.

That’s it see you soon.

From the Outsider,the lone rider,

The undecider.

PS Once again this is a story,it is all

made up,or is it? haha.