You are the only drug,I want to inject

in to my veins

Your love will flow in my blood

It will enter my brain.

And nothing will ever be the same.

You are the only drug,that I want in

my system.

like a 1.8 litre fuel injected piston.

You are the only drug,and I know

there are a lot of drugs out there.

I have been around a long time,

I have had my share,I am talking

about love,the love from above.

Forget about ice,crack,herion,or


When I am high I call out your name.

I get high on dopemine,it is flowing

through my brain.

The natural high,chemical free.

Like the nectar from a honey bee.

We are together,you and me.

You are the only drug.

Our love is heaven scent.

The perfume from above.

It floats down through the clouds

On the wings of a dove.

Your name is Linda or is it Lucinda?

I cant quite remember,I guess you

weren’t the only drug I tasted last


Only joking baby,you the only drug

for me.

You make me feel good,pure,wild

and free.