I run through the back lane trying to

beat the garbage truck man.

I threw something away,something I

should have kept and treasured.

A present from my girlfriend.

A strand of her hair,that she put into

a locket.

I put it in my pocket,next to my rocket.

Well the locket in my pocket

was burning a hole in my soul

My rocket is grounded,it has blown

a fuse.

It has the under used blues.

Now you can see why I threw the

locket away.

I wasn’t getting enough action

So the locket went,straight in the bin

Have I committed a mortal sin.

The locket in my pocket

Is eating its way out of my jeans

by any way any means.

You already know what I did

It is in the trash.

My baby likes my money,she really likes

my cash.

She costs me more money than a freaking

car crash.

Maybe that locket had the bad voodoo

It brought bad luck and trouble like a hoodoo.

I am feeling uneasy,as I go through the trash

That locket took a lot of effort and cost plenty.

Well I found the locket at the bottom of the bin.

I am feeling a lot better,and to stop any future

hassles I went out and bought a safety pin.

I pinned that locket in my pocket,

So I cant throw it away.

My rocket is also pleased that you are here to stay.

The locket in my pocket

Is all safe and secure

The locket in my pocket

Is there forever more.