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As my tears dry they leave a stain

A stain on my feelings,a stain on my


As my tears no longer flow,they cant

wash away my sorrow

Cant wash away my empty tomorrows

I need a pain killer,bone chiller,

A heart stiller.

There is nothing to look forward to,all

my friends have moved away.

They have all moved on,they now live

on the sunny side of the street.

in a different state,a different country

moved from the cold into the heat.

I am tired of being lonely,living my life

by myself.

I am tired of being rejected,disrespected

Treated like a piece of dirt

I might not show it,but it hurts.

I need a pain killer,bone chiller,heart stiller

The pain leaves a stain,sometimes the stain

Is so bad it will never come out.

And sometimes the pain is so bad I want to

let it all out,scream and shout.

The cut runs deep,it cuts me to the core

I really cant stand it,I cant take it anymore.

I got myself a painkiller,a bone chiller,a

heart stiller.

A packet of pills,to cure all my ills.

Take one at a time,take the whole pack

Once you have taken the lot

there is no coming back

I don’t really want to end it all

Losing dignity,taking the final fall.

They say love conquers all.

What a crock of shit.

I have never known love,not even a

little bit.

Give me some painkiller,bone chiller

heart stiller.

Always getting kicked around,put down

I am on the ground,I cant get any lower

I can feel something different,my is getting


The stain is spreading,the pain is more


Put me out of my misery,don’t keep me

in suspence.

I have taken the painkiller,why am I still


I lay on the floor gasping,dry heaving

I wipe my mouth,realising I am still


Why? Just give me a needle,put me down

like a dog.

Give me a double dose,go the whole hog.

This so called painkiller isn’t really working

As painkillers go,this one really sucks.

It has no killer punch,no final solution

That is about right,just my freaking luck

I cant even kill myself properly,I am a

failure,i cant do anything right.

The pills didn’t work,but a hand gun might

I will go shopping tomorrow,buy myself a gun

Have a final beer,then have a little fun

When I get home,I am going to do it,with a

Little class.

I will pull the trigger.

Then disappear up my own arse.