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I run a small business

A evil little business

My business is murder

I am a gun for hire

No job is to big or too small

What ever the problem is you

I can take care of it  all

So pick up the phone

And give me a call

I started this business about

twenty five years ago

I had a little problem,a problem

that needed to be fixed

That problem is no longer


My problem disappeared

without a sound

Teach him for getting on my

bad side

You mess with evil,there is

nowhere to hide.

So I got to thinking

I know I am not the only

person with a problem

Other people out there have


Problems that need to be


So I started leaving my business

card all around the city

On every corner of every street

let me get to the nitty gritty

If you find one of my cards

read the card it is not hard,then call

If I am not busy I will call back right


So if you have the money,your

situation is about to be a situation

no more

So read the funeral notices in a few

days,and look for your problems name

You will see that Evil Incorporated,doesn’t

mess around and play games

So if you are happy with your problem

was solved.put out the word,and give

my company some well earned business

Cause taking care of business,is what

Evil Incorporated is all about

I am home cleaning my weapons

Sharpening all my knives

So find my card,it is not hard

Call my number,and I will do a


I love to rub out freaking lives

Evil Incorporated

Our motto is death

So remember you could be next

Sweet dreams.