I have been getting out of bed early and going

to work for most of my life

Work is boring,it takes up to much of my time.

So I got to thinking,maybe I could,have a bit of

a smoke,a bit of a drink,a bit of a snort,a couple

of little pills,and then drive to work.

So I arrive at work,completely off my face.

I put on my uniform,go to my work station

ready to perform my duties

And nobody even notices that I am off with

the pixies

Floating on the ceiling,high as a kite.

I am swaying back and forth trying to stay

on my feet

Still no one notices that I am not really there

My body is present,but my mind is on a different


I am kind of going back to normal,so I ask for a toilet


I go to my locker,where I keep my supplies,grass as green

as a well kept lawn,pills all shiny and ready for the popping

After a quick piss,and a lets finish work quick wish.

I head back to complete and utter boredom.

Hoping the clock is fast,I head back to work.

My head is spinning,my arm is aching,I am waiting for

the pills to take hold

Here comes the sweet euphoria,the I am here but not here

feeling,if you know what I mean.

I get through the day without doing any damage.

I arrive home all safe and sound

I realise that today is only Monday,and that I have to get

through another week

I check my supplies,to make sure I am ready to go

Hold out my hands,yep nice and steady

Bring on Tuesday,my supplies are stocked to the brim

Who said work was boring?