I went to the library just the other day

cause I had run out of books to read

My usual selection is crime,mystery,

thrillers and the like.

So I picked a few of my favororite authors

and made my way to the counter,when

I noticed a dark corner in the library

A corner I had never noticed before

As I got closer,I noticed this book sticking

out from the shelf.

It was like the book was calling my name.

So in a daze I walked over and picked up the


My hands kind of shook,as I carried the book

to the librarian.

She gave me a glare,as she looked at the book

And she said that the book was over 10,000

years old.

She said it was a magic book,and to be careful

when I read it.

What I didn’t know,as I carried the book home.

This is more than a magical book,it is a weird

little book,a book that can get into your imagination.

So I carried the up into my room,and started by

reading the title.

The Book by Anonymous.

As I opened the book a fine mist of dust was

released into the air.

What I didn’t know was that the dust had entered

my brain.

A seed had been planted,I was now part of

the book.

I realised I had become a character in the book.

And everything that happened in the book,was going

to happen to me in real life.

I was scared and afraid,I dreaded turning to the next

page,but turn I could,turn it I would,turn it I did.

When I opened my eyes,to my surprise,I saw a

mirror image of me,staring back at me.

It is Stefan a character in the book.

I don’t know if you have ever lived inside a book,

but it is rather confining.

But at the same time you can ride the pages.

Like a surfer rides a wave.

Stefan the character and I rode the pages to the

river Styx,which was up to its old tricks,its water

was turgid turning into a torrent,its waters so foul

it would make a blind man vomit.

It was spewing up bodies,coming up from the depths

The grimaces on their faces,showing the extent of

their grisly deaths.

I wanted to close the book,I didn’t want to witness

anymore gruesome scenes.

But closing the book wasn’t an option,Stefan the

character was pulling me along running from the

Styx,but now we come to the stones.

Styxs and stones may break my bones,but the name

is gonna hurt me.

He has lived at the stones for a very long time.

The name will cut out my eyes so I can no longer see

And cut out my tongue so I can no longer speak

The stones are located in chapter five in the book

But I was still running,but I couldn’t help myself,I had

to have another look.

I cant say the name,but he is the ultimate beast.

He would gladly expose my brain,and have a feast.

This book is getting gruesome,I might ride to another

pageStefan the character has done a runner.

I cant find my way around.

I close The Book.