Well we are heading towards the season to be jolly

Where the fat man in the red suit squeezes down

your chimney.

Eats all your cookies and drinks all your milk.

Leaves all the presents,goes back up the chimney

All without making a sound.

Well Santa is in for a surprise,cause I have a tree,

Bad Bad Christmas Tree.

My tree doesn’t like to be kept in a box,only brought

out once a year.

It looking for a victim,and the fat man in the red suit,

is ripe for the picking.

The reindeers wait outside while Santa goes inside

to deliver presents to the good and not so good kids.

Don’t get to close to the tree,my mind is screaming out

to him.

Cause the Bad Bad Christmas Tree is waiting,anticipating.

Don’t eat the cookies or drink the milk,because I think they

could be tainted.

Hang on,what is that sound,I think something has hit the


I think Rudolph and Mrs Claus have fainted.

There is evil in the air,the stench is everywhere.

The Bad Bad Christmas Tree,has put out a lure.

Don’t get to close Santa,cant you smell the smell

The Bad Bad Christmas Tree has spread its branches

waiting for the fat man to get close enough to grab.

If he gets to close,the branches will wrap around and

Santa who hasn’t got a clue what is happening,will get

caught in the trees web of deceit.

Come on Santa be a man,the kids around the world

are relying on you,they want their presents,they need

their presents.

But hold on kids,I think Santa is no longer around

His face is purple,his tongue is hanging out and he

is making this awful gurgling sound

No more cookies no more milk,Santa has left this

earth,no more sleighing around.

Christmas will never be the same,with no Santa

who will do all the deliveries?

Maybe Rudolph will round up a posse,and find a


It is getting late in the season,and people,with good

reason,will wonder who the new Santa will be.

But my tree,my Bad Bad Christmas Tree,couldnt

give a shit.

He is back in his box,waiting for next year.

Cause he has a evil plan,

Whoever has taken Santas place is in for a surprise

Because he doesn’t realise my tree is not just a tree.

It is the Bad Bad Christmas Tree.