I am riding the black train

It travels on a broken track.

It travels through the mountains

And valleys.

Looking for some lost souls

It is gonna take you for a ride

You can run but you cant hide.

There are no train stations

This black train goes wherever

It pleases.

It comes around the bend looking

for someone who looks out of place

someone who is wary,someone who

Looks a little scary.

When ever you see the black train.

There is a black dog running at its


Licking at a wound that will never heal.

I am riding the black train.

And there are a lot of empty seats

The black train is on a mission

It needs all these seats to be full

You don’t have to buy a ticket

This ride is for free

But this is one ride that you don’t

want to take.

So run,take a hike,ride your bike

just get out of here,for heavens sake.

This aint no theme park ride we are

dealing with here.

This is a ride to nowhere

Do I make myself clear.

If the black train ever picks you up

It will never let you go.

And the black dog will eat what ever

remains of your soul.

The black train is still out there

searching every nook and cranny

The black train isn’t very fussy

It will even pick up your granny.

So keep your family and friends

nice and close.

Cause the black train is searching

it needs another host.

Another host and another dose of

pain and misery.

Keep the black dog at a distance

Or it will get inside your head

It will keep on biting and yapping

While you are lying in your bed

So what ever you do

Don’t ride the black train

It is the ride to hell

Is the black train still out there

I guess only time will tell

Also don’t feed the black dog

Keep it on a tight piece of rope

Don’t even pat it,don’t give it any hope

Keep it at a distance

Just be at the ready

Just take it easy,that’s it

Nice and steady.