This is a story about a chicken,a sad little chicken

She lived in a cage with about 15 other hens.

Getting pecked and scratched,she was all

Feathers,blood and bruises.

Dreaming of when she was free,cage free

Free range.

She also had another dream,she dreamt about

her lover,Robert the rooster.

She hasn’t seen Robert in such a long time.

She can hear him cock a doodle dooing out

in the next pasture,

She wanted to feel his feathers,get nice and close

Cheek to cheek,beak to beak.

So this sad little chicken began to hatch a plan.

She was going to run away,before she became a

BBQ chicken in a supermarket.

But this sad little chicken,began to feel uncomfortable

Every day it was the same,around the same time


She squatted in her cage and something came out of

her arse,and landed in the straw.

The sad little chicken,just couldn’t take it anymore.

It was an egg,she laid about three everyday.

No one cared what she had to say.

She was nothing but an egg laying machine.

She was still thinking about Robert the rooster

She wanted to feel his tenderloin.

Thinking about it,she felt a stirring in her groin.

She had also heard a lot of stories

About the trucks that came and took all her

friends away.

They were never seen again.

She also heard a word,she didn’t want to hear

Again,that word was factory.

To her that is completely unsatisfactory.

The sad little chicken,knew she didn’t have much

time,her plan was coming together.

She knew to run away,she had to come up with

a disguise.

Sitting in her cage one day,she heard a crow

flying past.

She knew that chickens were white,and crowes

were black

So she had to change from white to black.

The next day the farm manager made a mistake

and hit a switch that opened all the cages.

So 10,000 chickens,flew,walked,ran,they got

the flock out of there.

The sad little chicken,saw her chance,and she

took it.

She rolled in the dirt,rolled in the mud,which was part

of her cunning plan.

She was no longer white,she was as black as the ace

of spades,black,just like a crow.

So this sad little chicken,instead of going cluck,cluck

cluck,began to make the sound of a crow,caw,caw,caw.

Now the farm manager,who wasn’t known for his brain

power,saw this odd looking crow,standing in the corner

of the field.

He wasn’t interested in crowes,just chickens,and this one

looked like a crow,sounded like a crow,therefore was a crow.

So he turned his back,and rounded up all the chickens,

except for the sad little chicken aka crow.

The sad little chicken saw the truck pull up near the cages.

And she watched as all the chickens were loaded on board.

The truck went away,but she got to stay.

She had fooled the human that was for sure.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught  glimpse of

Robert the randy rooster.

She couldn’t believe her luck,she was about to get a,

well you get the picture.

After all the romance and chicken dance,they went their

separate ways.

She was laying there contented,when it started to rain.

Well all the dirt and mud was washed off her feathers.

She was a white chicken once more.

At about that time there was a change of shift at the farm.

And a smarter farm manager was now in charge.

He took one look,and he knew it was a chook.

Who had some how escaped the trip to the factory.

To him this was very satisfactory.

Well the sad little chicken knew that her time was up.

She tried to fly,but the man was to fast.

And he grabbed her by the neck.

He layed her head on the chopping block.

The sad little chicken,had her last look around.

Then the axe came down.

This story is dedicated to Gail Morgan

Thanks for the idea.