What good is a heart,if it is always getting broken

I need to get stronger,so my heartbeat will last


My heart is vunderable to all sorts of pain and


It has been broken time and time again.

It cant be mended cant be fixed.

My heart is thumping,pumping the blood through

my veins.

My emotions and feeling travel with the blood.

It enters my brain,I feel just the same.

What good is a brain,if it just sits inside my head

It sits there dormant,like its dead.

I am waiting for a brainwave

I guess there is no surf today.

I sit and listen,ive got nothing to say.

Come on brain wake up,cant you think of any


One at a time,until they form a sentence.

A few sentences,a phrase or two

I am talking,just you and me.

What good are my arms,if I cant keep people

at bay.

I use both arms,and push them all away.

Just like my heart my arms can be broken.

Put my heart in plaster,my arms in a sling

Just like a bird with a broken wing.

I cant fly away,just jump around sort of


I have come to realise that the audience

has stopped clapping.

The audience is silent,they have all gone away.

The audience now only exists inside my dormant brain

They are just a memory,a fragment from my past.

What good are my legs,if I cant run away

Run from my past,run to the future.

What does the future hold,well nobody knows

My legs hold me steady,keep me balanced

straight and tall,so I don’t fall.

What good are my legs,if I cant do some kicking

Every now and then I just want to cut loose.

It feels real good,finger licking

Just like a piece of chicken.

But just like my heart and arms,my legs can be


Put my heart in plaster,my arm in a sling

My legs are in traction,out of action.

As I lie in my hospital bed,my sort of moved

just a fraction.

I remember the time in my life,when everything

was fun and action

So I count down the days to when I am finally released

10 weeks of blinking,thinking,blinking,thinking.

My brain is finally starting to think.

So I take the plaster from my heart

remove the sling from my arm

My legs are out of traction.

So I walk out into the big,bad world

I new lease on life,a new skip in my step.

A new pip in my pep.

So I take look around,the sun is shining

The beer is cold

So put those bad thoughts on hold.