I was given a gift the other day

A clown figurine that I kept on my

bed side table.

It has weird crazy eyes,is about 18cm

tall,a little blue hat,big black boots

and plays the saxophone.

I know it might sound strange,but this

clown is getting on my nerves.

As I lay in bed,I cant get to sleep

I feel the creepy clowns eyes upon me.

Creepy clown

You get me down

Go back to your circus

Creepy clown

You get me down

I feel your hands upon me.

Is it a dream?

You are only a figurine

You have come to life

and up to strife.

I feel your force surround me.

Creepy clown

You get me down

My room is as cold as ice

Creepy Clown

You get me down

Am I about to pay the price

A figurine that has come to life

who would have thought?

It is like a chapter from a Stephen

King book

With my eyes closed tight I take

another look

I couldn’t believe it,this creepy clown

who gets me down

Was all spit and fury.

Creepy Clown

You get me down

I feel your power overwhelm me

Creepy Clown

You get me down

I feel your hate surround me

Well this creepy clown,was doing the

worst thing you can imagine

He had his saxophone in his hands

And he was playing Justin Beiber

Over and over and over

I can think of nothing worse

It was like a curse

The music was making my mind alter

I took a step,started to falter

This has gone on long enough

I cant take this anymore

So I open my bedroom window

Pick up the creepy clown

and toss it right out

and it lands on the front lawn

It stands there looking back at me

Like a freaking creepy garden ghome

Go on clown,get back to your circus

Just stay out of my home

Have I unleashed a beast

in this creepy clown

I heard that it was forming a crew

with all the other figurines around

the world.

And get up to mischief and mayhem

I cant write no more,my eyes are sore

With all the pain and sorrow

So I will say good bye

I am happy now,cause I will have a

creepy clown free tomorrow