Well I went into town the other night

Walking around minding my own business

When I noticed this neon light coming from

the end of a dark lane.

As I got closer,the was flashing,it read

The Club Of Pain

Well,I thought it meant it was a 24hr gym.

Open all hours,lifting,squatting,y,know all

that pain.

So I went inside to have a look around.

Took a seat at the bar,ordered a drink

But that made me think.

As far as I know,not many gyms have a bar

Maybe I took that one step too far.

So I was sitting there enjoying my beverage.

When I was approached by a blond with a

chest three sizes bigger then average.

Well as she was talking,my eyes started to

take in my surroundings.

The walls were decorated with whips and

chains,and leather bindings.

Well I started to get kind of nervous,but excited

at the same time.

I was sweaty,drinking too fast,I heard her saying

Im gonna make you mine.

The Club Of Pain

Nothing to lose plenty to gain.

You can gain a bruise,gain a scar.

Well the blond,her name is Carly,she looks like

she belongs on the back of a Harley

She was beautiful with tatts and an attitude

When she spoke she was nice,but at the same

time kind of rude.

When she suggested we go upstairs and get to

know each other.

When she saw I was a bit apprehensive.

She calmed me down and bought me a drink,and

told me the things we were going to do

It was quite comprehensive.

We went upstairs,and I am feeling kind of woozy

And I realised I had been drugged by the floozy.

She tied me to a bed,naked as the day I was born.

My soldier was at attention,saluting to the crowd

Put that thing away she said,for crying out loud

Well,I thought,you did tie me down with no clothes

What did you expect?

I don’t think she is after sex,it is pain I suspect.

She went and changed clothes,now she is wearing


Shiny and black,with big boots,and all the tools of

the trade.

I think I am a gonna here,I was afraid.

Handcuffs,whips and chains,gags,she has got quite a


What happened next I have no recollection.

I must of passed out when I first saw the whip.

She thought she was cool thought she was hip.

When I came to I realised I was covered in blood

With cuts all across my back and across my arse.

The cuts were not deep,but they bled like the

crown of thorns.

There was no sign of the dominatrix

or her little bag of tricks.

So while I had a chance I put on my shirt and pants

I ran down the stairs as fast as my legs would go

As I rounded the corner there she was,no,no,no.

Come on lady,cut me some slack.

But she wasn’t interested in showing any compassion

All she wanted was to inflict some pain of a fashion

I had had enough,I ran towards the door,I couldn’t

take that shit anymore.

When I got outside the sun was up,welcoming

a new day.

So just ran,I ran and screamed eat my dust.