Down on a tiny island off the coast of Africa

Live two best friends,one is a snail,the other

a tortoise.

You might think it strange that a snail and a

tortoise to be friends.

But they have a lot in common,they both have


They are both really slow.

And they both have the same liquid breakfast

a serving of up&go.

It doesn’t seem to be working.

I think their get up&go got up and went a long

time ago.

But the snail and the tortoise don’t care

So they move slow,who said life was a race

They just move at a nice steady pace.

Another thing they have in common is the

same nickname Speedy.

Speedy the snail,leaves a trail wherever

he goes.

So it is easy for Speedy the tortoise to keep

track of his friend.

So if Speedy the snail,goes around a bend

his trail means he is always visible.

But this means he is vunderable to an attack

from the air.

Eagles,seagulls,all sorts of birds and reptiles

love to eat snails.

They like them raw straight from the shell.

The life of a snail can sometimes be a living


That is where Speedy the tortoise comes into

the picture.

Whenever Speedy the snail shouts that he is

in trouble.

Speedy the tortoise is there on the double

Well as fast as he can,anyway

Speedy the tortoise is rather quiet and shy.

And he thinks now is the time that he came

out of his shell haha.

He has meet a female tortoise named Mary.

They are going out tomorrow night.

But meanwhile back in the woods,Speedy

the snail is in trouble

Because a man in a escargot van,is on the


He is looking for fat juicy snails.

So if you give him half a chance,he will catch

Speedy the snail and ship him off to France

Where he will disappesr down someones


No way in hell does Speedy want to get

on that boat.

So Speedy the snail is in hiding,deep inside

a hollow log.

But what Speedy doesn’t know is that the

man in the van,has got himself a sniffer dog

As the old saying goes

You can run but you cant hide.

But you can escape if you have Speedy the

tortoise on your side.

Speedy the tortoise has a plan,he knows how

to beat the man in the van.

Speedy the tortoise has built himself a raft

So he and Speedy the snail can float down

the river

The sniffer dogs don’t stand a chance

As the two Speedys lead them on a merry


The dogs are running around barking

and yapping

The Speedys jump up and down

laughing and clapping

So the two Speedys,make good their


And sail all the way down with the tide.

They finally find land,and go and hide

They are not taking any chances,and they

hide out for a week

Living in a shack with a stove and a roof

that leaks.

Speedy the tortoise didn’t get to go on his


He is hoping that when he gets back,Mary

will give him another chance

A few weeks later they finally get home

Speedy the snail is reading his mail.

He got a letter from a pen pal

Who wants to know when are they going

to meet face to face

Speedys pen pals name is Lucy,who wants

to visit.

She wants friendship,maybe more.

So the two Speedys decide to go on a

double date.

They go to a fancy restaurant,and get

the best table.

Lucy andMary seem to get along just fine

plenty of jokes and laughs,as they wine

and dine

Afterwards they decide to go back to the woods

They to go back to being just a snail and a


And the two girls come along.

The two two Speedys are happy

cause they are back where they belong