I was talking to a friend just tonight

About when I put pen to paper

Can people come along and steal

my ideas.

Steal the thoughts from my brain.

Steal the words from my breath.

Can they control my pen and make

me write words that I don’t want to


Can they make me think thoughts I

don’t want to think.

Of course they cant,I know my rights.

I wont give up without a fight.

Cause I got copyright.

When an idea forms in my head,I put

it down on paper.

And then post it on my blog page.

I hope no one is looking over my shoulder

Looking in my front window,or maybe

do a home invasion.

I hope they don’t,cause I know my rights

I wont give up without a fight

Cause I got copyright.

I know my words could someday be known

all around the world.

I wont be able to walk the streets

I will be rich and famous.

My face will appear on the side of buses

I will be Ellen,or some other TV show.

Reading my poems and stories

Covered in fame and glory.

Of course all that is just a dream.

As long as nobody wants to steal my dreams

Steal my ideas right off the page

Steal the thoughts from my head

Steal the girl from my bed.

Can they steal what is mine and mine alone?

Of course they cant,i know my rights

I will fight with all my might

Cause I got copyright.

So go and get your own ideas,reach

inside your own head.

Put your own words down on paper

Start up your own blog page

Cause blogging is the latest thing.

If I can do it anyone can,be your own


Just don’t come around here trying to

read what is on my hard drive

Cause as soon as the stories are posted

the copyright is mine.

So don’t try to ride my coat tails

Go tread your own journey

Don’t pinch my ideas and thoughts,go

and think for yourself.

If you try to steal from me I will bring

you down.

I am walking the golden path,i am on

my way

I am floating on diamond dust,in that you

can trust.

Can someone come along and take it all


Of cause they cant,i know my rights

I want give up without a fight

Cause I got copyright