I have just heard about a meeting that took place the

other day.

The Demon and the Angel met for a coffee to have their


They met in a small café,in a back street,somewhere in


They talked about a lot of things,but not one word was

said about peace.

The Demon talked about all the subjects that are dear to

him,earthquakes,tidal waves,volcanos erupting,forest fires,

planes going down and suicide bombers.

The Angel talked about world peace,health care for the poor,

housing for everyone,a cure for all diseases,and churches

around the world open 24/7,especially for new comers.

Well they finished their coffee,it was time for dessert.

The Demon looked into the Angels eyes and said

“I am going to make you hurt”

The Angel looked right back and said

“Give it your best shot,cause you are the evil that time has


The Demon didn’t take this lying down,he got this look on his

face that would freeze a lake.

The Demon isn’t very good at giving,but he is good at take.

With an almighty roar he transformed into a beast.

Coffee an dessert are over,now it is time to feast.

The Angel goes back home with a worried look on his brow.

He has to stop the Demon,he has to stop this madness somehow.

He picks up his mobile phone,pondering who to call.

The President?The United Nations?

But then he gets the answer,the Pope.

Maybe he has the answer,he is the worlds last hope.

Meanwhile down in the furnace,where you can really feel the heat

The Demon is hatching out a plan,how to kill every man

He is talking to his boss,you know him as the Devil.

He is just like the Demon,but on a completely different level.

They are plotting the complete destruction,they are seeking

wanting the worlds demise.

The Demon wants to see the look on the Angels face when the

world explodes.

Because he is the one person he more then hates,he depises.

Also at around the same time,the Angel and the Pope are also

having a chat

They will do all they can to defeat the man in the black hat.

The Demon has jetted off to a secret location,but I believe it is

somewhere in the south of France.

The Demon will knock Earth off its axis,if you give him half a chance.

The Demon and the Devil,have come up with a cunning plan.

They are talking to all the agnostics around the world men,women

and children.

They want them all to urinate into the rivers and oceans to raise the

water level.

He has one nasty sense of humour that freaking Devil.

The Angel and the Pope have heard all about the plan,they have

a source.

They reach out to a higher power for an answer before things get


The Angel and the Popehear all the weeing and peeing that is filling

up all the water ways.

The urine of the disbelievers and unforgivers.

The Angel and the Pope go out onto the balcony,and scream out

‘Come on people keep it in your jeans”

Cause they will defeat the Demom by any way any means.

All the cities around the world are being inundated

The peoples will is broken, their hopes deflated.

They watch as all the apartments and homes are swamped

by the foul smelling water.

They can do nothing as their homes are washed away.

The world is awash as the water level continue to rise.

The cities and towns drown,you can hear the peoples


Back at the Vatican,the Angel and the Pope,know that they

have been defeated.

Evil has won this round,goodness has been unseated.

But in an unknown location,this time in Bangladesh.

The Demon is watching all the mayhem and distress.

The Devil has gone back to hell,for a spell,leaving the

Demon alone to bask in the glory.

The Demon is sitting high up on top of a mountain,a bit

to close to the edge.

He hears a whisper in his ear,it is a voice from above

“Not this time Demon” For goodness will always shine


It is there for everyone,it is there for you.

In all the countries around the world,the survivors,watch

the water level dissipate.

They need to get together before it is too late.

They begin to communicate with each other by telepathic


If you add up all the survivors,it comes to a few thousand,

they live on prayer and corn and beans.

The Demon cant believe it,the win has turned into defeat.

He isn’t thinking straight,and fails to see the danger

He doesn’t see the appearance of the white robed stranger

The Angel has survived,he is tougher then you think.

And before you know it,he has conjured up a huge gust of wind

That knocks the Demon right over the edge.

Well there is one thing that the Demon never did,he never learnt

how to swim.

And the world watches as all the evil and badness disappear

with him.