I was making a cup of coffee the other day

looking out of the kitchen window

waiting for the kettle to boil

When I spotted a Kookaburra that was on a

bit of a lean.

It was running around in circles it was a sight

to be seen.

It was a lopsided Kookabura,that had something

attached to its left wing.

As I got closer I saw that it was a watch,a Seiko

if you please

It also had something on its knee,some sort of

strapping,an injury,maybe a fight

That lopsided Kookaburra was one freaking

awesome sight.

I went back inside to finish my drink,and was

washing the cup in the kitchen sink

When I heard some tapping coming from my

back door.

The lopsided Kookaburra had somehow made

it up the steps.

The tapping I heard was coming from its beak.

The lopsided Kookaburra didn’t look so good

hungry and kind of weak.

I opened the back door,and Kooka hopped

right on inside.

Then I remembered the neighbours cat that

had a taste for birds.

I hate I cat so much I cant form the words.

I bent down and picked up the lopsided

Kookaburra,and put him on the kitchen


I looked him over,looking for a injury as

much as I was able.

The lopsided Kookaburra was going berserk

flapping its left wing,with its Seiko watch

which I noticed was 20 minutes slow.

I thought how low can a lopsided

Kookaburra go.

I took off the watch and set it to the correct


And the lopsided Kookaburra let out its famous

laugh,that has no rhythm or rhyme.

But instead of returning the watch to its wing

I got a chain and and put the watch around its


The Kookaburra was no longer lopsided,it was

standing there as proud as punch.

And I realised it was time for lunch.

I got some meat from the fridge and gave it

to the bird.

It ate all the meat and looked hungry for more

But I noticed his eye kept going to the back door.

I opened the door and Kooka spread its wings

and took flight

And without a backward glance was soon out

of sight.

The next morning the tapping was once again

at my door.

The Kookaburra was standing there tapping

out Morse code.

He was saying”I will tell you a story,then  ive

got to hit the road”

Kooka told me why he was wearing the watch.

He told me he was always running late,and that

he and a friend were going on a well travelled


You see generations of Kookaburras all around

Australia,always do their laugh at 5.10am and

8.05 pm.

So Kooka bought a watch so his laugh was no

longer late.

So now Kooka and his mate are traveling around

handing out watches to all the young Kookaburras

so that they always laugh on time.

But the Kookaburras have to remember not to wear

the watches on their wings,or they will become


So the next time you are going about your business

and at 5.10am or 8.05pm,you hear the Kookaburras

make their noise.

You know that all is fine in the world,girls and boys.