Swimming deep below the water in a billabong

on the South Coast of New South Wales

is a strange kind of animal,not a mammal,nor a

bird,not even a fish,but a Platypus.

A Platypus,a weird creature of creation,a bill like

a Duck,a tail like a beaver.

A creature so weird it is the talk of the nation.

It swims around seeking its prey,eating brunch

or a late lunch.

Later on in the day,she just swims for a bit of fun

then gets out of the water and has a preen.

It is getting hot so she applies some sunscreen.

Well Millie the Platypus is getting tired of eating

Crayfish,crabs and fish.

She has heard all about the city,she wants to

visit the big smoke.

Get dressed to the nines,lying around feeling

mighty fine.

She wants to live a life,she wants to shine.

Well when a Platypus wants to shine,you don’t

get in its way,you step aside,and point it down

the right path.

Maybe she will get lucky and find a better half.

So Millie swims across the billabong,finding her

way to Woolongong.

But Millie wasn’t interested in the Gong,she

wanted to go all the way to Sydney.

She wanted to swim all around Botany Bay.

Millie wanted a platform,because she had

something to say.

She was no longer  cared about getting dressed

up and going out on the town,she had a different

agenda,she wanted to save the day.

She was concerned about the state and welfare of

the rivers and streams,creeks and all the water ways.

But Millie doesn’t really like all the attention.

All she wants is to be free,to swim in clear clean water

free from pollution,free from run off,and all the other


A Platypus deserves to live a life in peace.

It is not after trouble,just to be left alone.

So if you are ever camping on the the South Coast

of New South Wales,and you hear a mournful sigh.

It is just Millie saying,just leave me alone,let me live

my life.Goodbye.