I was having a bath a few weeks ago

I got up to dry myself,with my favourite


Imagine my surprise when I came to

realise that what I was feeling with my

fingers was a lump,a little bump

but it scared the bejeezus out of me.

It was down there,you know in my


I didn’t know what to do,so I sat on the

toilet seat,pondering my next move.

I was thinking cancer,all kind of thoughts

were going through my head.

So I got out of the bathroom,and called out

to my house mate ( Clyde ).

He told me to go to my doctor,and get a load

off my mind.

So I took his advice and made an appointment

to see my doctor.

So I got to the doctors clinic and sat around

waiting and waiting,thinking and thinking,

worrying and worrying.

Even though I was pretty sure it was just a hernia.

But you never know until the test results come back.

But straight away my doctor told me my guess was

right,it was just a hernia.

My relief was profound,it was official,i wasn’t going

to die.

I was worrying about nothing.

I realised it was just a lump on the road of life.

A lump.a bump.I will survive.

But I came to the realisation,that there are millions

of people worse off then me.

So I have got a hernia,it isn’t a big deal.

After my operation I will be as good as new.

But a lot of people around the world cant say

the same.

If you think you have it tough,just watch the news

and you will see,that there are plenty of people .

worse off then you  and me.

A lump on the road of life

It is just a little bump,a speed hump.

Just take it in your stride and you will be


But don’t be a hero,and ignore the warning


If you find a lump anywhere on your body.

Get to your doctor as soon as you can.

It is probably nothing to worry about.

But it is best to get it checked out,the

sooner the better.

PS This has been a message from

Dr Johnston haha.