I was driving my car around the outback last summer

I was going to fast and hit a kangaroo.

I pulled over to the side of the road,as fast as I could.

If I could do anything to save that this roo I would.

It was badly injured,it has had a leg chopped off,and

was missing a paw.

Lying there in the dirt all crestfallen,it looked sore.

Seeing as its leg was chopped off I decided to call

her Chop.

It is sad to it will be quite a while before Chop is able

to hop.

I am off to the artificial limb shop,to get Chop a false


Just like Rolf Harris and Jake the Peg.

This kangaroo wont be able to get around without

some help from me.

Before you know it she will be hopping around,eating

grass,you’ll see.

But then I heard a soft sound coming from the kangaroo’s


A little joey poked it’s head out,and promptly bit me on the


It didn’t hurt much,just wounded my pride.

So I put Chop and the joey in my car and we went for a ride.

The drive to the vet’s was a good 8 hour drive.

I am just hoping that Chop makes it there alive.

About halfway to the vet’s I stopped so we could all have

a stretch.

Chop wasn’t doing too well,the bandages I had applied,were

bright red with blood.

I jumped back into the car,and drove a fast as I could,without

being noticed by a cop.

I just wanted to see Chop do one more hop.

We arrived at the vet’s early the next day.

I am sorry to imform you that the vet didn’t have anything

good to say.

He told me that Chop was too badly injured,and that she

would have to be put down.

Just then Chop let out a God awful sound.

I felt a wetness coming from my eyes.

I had to do something,this was know time for goodbyes.

I told the vet to do what he had to so that Chop could go home.

The vet gave Chop a needle and stitched her leg,right there on

the table.

Then we sat around waiting for Chop to become a little more


When her vital signs were better,and her heart beat slow but


I loaded both Chop and the joey,in my car,and we set off at

the ready.

When we arrived home,both of the roo’s were doing a whole lot

better,and eating some grass.

But Chop couldn’t do much more than sit on her tiny roo arse.

I wanted to see Chop up and hopping around.

So I decided to make some sort of walker,to keep her upright

and get her off the ground.

The paw I couldn’t do much about,it had healed up,nice and


The contraption that I had put together was ready for a test run.

Chop seemed to realise that we were there to help,so a mate and

me got her up,and placed her in the contraption.

Now Chop was ready,she was back in action.

She couldn’t get around to well,but at least she was back on her


She could move her head to the ground,she was right to eat.

Just then the joey started to sniff around,she wanted to feed

and play a game.

Then I thought that the joey needed a name.

And what word goes with Chop?All I could think of was Suey.

So Chop and Suey were together again,doing what kangaroo’s


Lying around,eating grass and going to the loo.

Hopefully Chop and the joey will have a few good years,by each

others side.

Hopping,eating,sleeping,but no chopping.