Back in 1914, at the start of World War 1

a ship sailed out of Sydney harbour,it was

on its way ,to join the fight.

It left Sydney on Jan 30,on its way to the

western front.

It was carrying 800 soldiers and crew.

And a wombat.

The wombat was asleep below decks thinking

it was safe at home.

Not realising that when it fell asleep in the back

of the supply truck,on the outskirts of Wagga

that he was off on an adventure.

If going to war can be called an adventure.

Going to war is bloody,going to war is hell.

The wombat didn’t know what he was in for,

this would be his last restful sleep for a long time.

At about 100 nautical miles off the coast the wombat

woke with a start.

What was all that motion,he felt like a cork in a bucket.

All of a sudden up came his lunch,a nice meal of grass,

fuck it.

All that up chucking was heard by a Private,walking

down the corridor.

The Private opened the door,and to his surprise,he

came face to face with a giant guinea pig.

He jumped back,thinking,what the fuck is that?

Then it dawned,a wombat.

What was a wombat doing on a ship.

A stowaway wombat is off to war,the Private

cant decide what to do.

Should he tell the Captain,or keep the fact there is

aboard,all to himself.

He decides that the Captain can wait,he doesn’t

need to know about the oversized rodent.

So he carries the wombat to his quarters,and hides

him under the bed.

Meanwhile the ship is getting close to dry land.

You can see and hear the gun fire.

You can smell the decay and death.

The wombat has become close to the Private by

the name of Duncan.

He has looked after the wombat on the journey to

the other side of the world.

The wombat and Duncan have formed a bond,as

much as a wombat and a man can.

Then the news hits the Privates ear,they have

almost reached their destination,Gallipoli.

The Captain gives the order,that after three months

at sea,the soldiers are to prepare to storm the shore.

The wombat climbs onto Duncans back,and they man

the life boats,and ready themselves for the onslaught

and more.

The wombat and Duncan hit the water,that comes up

to Duncans nipples.

Bullets are pinging all around,some soldiers are killed

instantly,some maimed and crippled.

The wombat and Duncan soldier on,and run up onto

the sand.

Ducking and diving,just surviving in this God forsaking


The wombat walks around with a first aid kit strapped

to his back.

He helps Duncan tend to the injured and bury the dead.

The wombat and Duncan think that their world will never

be the same.

One by one the men fall,some die before they even know

that their life has ended.

The wombat and Duncan do al they can,to make sure that

the injured are treated with dignity and respect.

After six months of doing their duty,day after day,night after

night,the wombat and Duncan are tired,they have come to

the end of their fight.

Duncan is told that his tour of duty is almost over.

Two more weeks and he can go home to his wife Mary,and

their dog Rover.

Three days later Duncan is nursing the injured,and praying

with a murmuring sound.

Then the night turns eerie,still with anticipation,and I am sorry

to say Duncan was hit with a mortal round.

The wombat is frantic,as he sees Duncan lying dead on the


For a week the wombat wont leave the spot where his friend

took his last breath.

He is pining and whining,clawing at the earth,trying to make the

pain go away.

For a few weeks the wombat wanders around like a lost soul.

He cant forget Duncan,they were like brothers in arms.

The wombats heart is broken,and he lays down for his final rest.

He will never get up and walk this earth again.

The wombat closes his eyes,and dies with a smile on his face.

Knowing that he will see Duncan again,at that special place.

They never named the wombat because they didn’t want to

get to close.

By now the surviving soldiers have come to realise that they

will miss the wombat and Duncan the most.