Around 10,000 years ago,in the last ice age

Lived a clan of people,who lived in a dangerous


Their quality of life was being taken away

They were getting taken over by a rival clan

and they weren’t going to have a say

The children of the clan were playing around

And they decided to build a snowman,that looked

like a clown.

So with buttons for eyes and a carrot for a nose

it looked sort of like a clown I suppose.

The kids didn’t know that the adults were in a bit

of a dilemma.

If things kept on going on the same course.

Things were going to go from bad to worse.

The snowman meanwhile felt the vibrations of the


And every time he felt the vibrations he started to


His emotions were spilling over,they were heart felt.

The snowman was just standing there,it was stuck

in place.

It was still melting,there was a patch missing from

his face.

As long as the conflict lasted the snowman would

continue to melt.

He felt every vibration,he was shrinking,he needed

another notch in his belt.

The rival clan came down from the mountains,and

struck just before day break.

They were met with little resistance,the walls of the

city crumbled.

Just get it over and done with for goodness sake.

The snowman who was originally five foot tall.

Was now only four foot,i guess you could call him


The leader of the losing clan was trying to fight the


But the rival clan had taken too big of a bite.

The snowman was melting faster then a block

of ice.

This rival clan were nasty,they weren’t very nice.

The leader of the losing clan was calling for


He was calling out far and wide.

He wanted to fight like a man,not run and hide.

The snowman was still melting,he could feel the

badness in the air.

There was an evil stench that that permenated


The leader of the losing clan was trying to fight

off the invaders.

But he was running out of men,and he couldn’t

stop the misbehavers.

The snowman was melting still,if the fighting didn’t

stop,he would be nothing more then a puddle.

So before he melted away to nothing.

The snowman looked to the sky,closed his eyes

and said a little prayer.

He wished for a miracle,cause he could see that the

options,were few and far between.

They were being defeated by the invaders,those

nasty misbehavers.

The invaders meanwhile had gathered in the town hall

to celebrate the upcoming victory.

But they celebrated too much,there was too much drinking

Their brains had stop thinking,and they didn’t see the

warning signs.

The snowman was still melting,but it had slowed down.

He looked to the heavens and saw the black clouds


It looked like his prayer was being answered.

Then there was an almighty bang,as the thunder and

lightning rolled in.

The snowman said a silent thanks,it looked like goodness

was going to prevail.

A drone of lightning hit the town hall,with an electrifying


The invaders had done their dash.

The town hall caught on fire,the invaders inside in all the

confusion couldn’t find the door.

You could hear the screams from five miles away,or more.

Not one invader escaped the inferno.

They paid the ultimate price for trying to take something

that wasn’t theirs to take.

They have all gone to their graves,because they misbehaved

They wont do it again that is for sure.

The snowman meanwhile has stopped melting altogether.

He is standing upright and proud.

He is back to his usual height.

The town has won the good fight.

Everything is back to normal,the kids are running around

and throwing snow balls.

You can smell the goodness in the air.

People walk the streets without a care.

The snowman just stands there with a satisfied look on

on his face.

All the fighting and all the melting,are just a memory.

The snowman stands there,watching,waiting,anticipating

because he knows winter wont last forever.

Soon the sun will shine ,and the snowman,and the snowman

will begin to fade away,that is for sure.

And then the snowman will be no more.