If you live in the Newcastle,Lake Macquarie area

and you read the papers,watch the news or surfed

the net,you would have heard of the great white shark

that has been sighted in the lake.

Seeing that the water is salty,the great white feels right

at home.

It swims around,moving it’s tail from side to side.

It loves to feast and roam.

It was first spotted a few weeks ago,by some fishermen

in a boat.

What a surprise,they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Now that is something worthy to note.

This great white is different from the other sharks.

It has a couple of notches in it’s rear fin.

But the great white couldn’t care less,it just wants some

din din.

But the thing you notice the most,is a big hook in the corner

of it’s gob.

God it must be painful,it must hurt a bit.

With the notches in it’s fin,and a hook in it’s mouth,it sure

does stick out from the mob.

So this great white,with the overbite,because of the hook

It’s real name is George,but his friends call him,the sook.

They are all over his constant whining and moaning.

They say’Come on be a man,grow up and go grow a pair’

‘Cause,if you don’t you can go live away from here.’

‘If you don’t stop complaining,you can go and live in the lake.

‘So go on,give us all some peace for heavens sake.

So George the great white with an overbite,leaves his home

and swims into the lake,into the great unknown.

For the first time in his life he is on his own.

He is feeling a bit down,he has never been this far from home.

So George the great white with the overbite,swims around

aimlessly,his mouth is really sore.

He tries to ignore the pain,he tries with all his might.

But he knows that he needs some help,he cant stand it anymore.

Two kids are splashing around,fooling around in the water off

Croudace Bay.

One of the kids notice’s a fin, and screams out SHARK,plus

a few words that his mother would never say.

The fin begins to circle around,and the kids are becoming a bit


A few more choice words come out of their mouth’s.

Their eye’s are as big as saucer’s,and their stomach’s are

heading south.

George the great white,does’nt understand,he doesn’t mean

them any harm.

He just wants this pesky hook removed from his mouth.

He really could use some sort of balm,some sort of pill,or

a magic potion.

Some sort of elixier or some calamine lotion.

The two kids have gone,who said you cant walk on water?

They didn’t just walk,they swam at break neck speed.

They didn’t want to hang around and watch the great white

feed(on them).

George the great white doesn’t understand what all the fuss

is about.

Why wont somebody help him?

George is becoming depressed,he is missing his family and


He just want’s to get back to normal,he just want’s his mouth

and heart to mend.

He really need’s to eat,but because of the hook and overbite

he cant get his mouth to close.

It’s razor sharp teeth are pretty useless,if he cant close his


George is getting desperate,he really cant take it anymore.

And with a shake of his tail he swims towards to shore.

Bill and Bob are two employee’s at Bolton Point Marina.

They are on a lunch break,eating pie’s with sauce.

One is short and skinny,the other looks like Frank Farina.

They are running late of course.

Heading back to work,they look towards the water.

And they cant believe their eye’s,a great white shark,has

beached itself near the boat shed.

It is shaking it’s body,and has something sticking out of

it’s head.

They race down to the shore line to get a better look,they

cant believe what they are seeing.

They look in it’s mouth and see a dirty great big hook.

And think’Now that is gonna take some freeing.’

George the great white,has come to realise,that maybe

help has arrived

He is getting weak,he is that he is still alive.

He is hoping to be free before the next low tide.

Bill and Bob meanwhile have gone to get some tools,a

hammer,screwdriver and some plier’s,and a saw.

They mightn’t look like it,but they are nobody’s fool’s.

They arrive back at the water’s edge,a crowd has gathere


You could hear a pin drop,nobody makes a sound.

Bill and Bob are a bit wary,they don’t want to lose a finger

or their arms.

So gingerly Bob probed with the plier’s,and with a squishy

sound the hook came free.

George has half of hisbody up on the sand.

He doesn’t know if he will make it

But make it he will,you’ll see.

George start’s to rock back and forth,trying to return to the


Bill and Bob,and a few of the other bystander’s,rush to give

a helping hand.

And they push George into the water and off the sand.

George cant believe it,he is foot loose and fancy free

With a shake of his tail he heads toward the mouth of the lake,

at a place called Swansea.

He is going home to his family,he is leaving the lake and going

back to the deep blue sea.

Did George really leave?No one really know’s

Just be careful where you swim,cause anything goes!