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This is a story about fortune and fame

It might look like an easy life,but you could

end up playing a losing game.

Look at all the movie and rock stars,that have

fallen by the wayside.

They had stars in their eyes,they took a one

way ride.Into hell.

Joey was 16 when he joined his first band.

He was a good singer,but his instrument of

choice,was the guitar.

He was a red hot player,who knew his way

around the fret.

He is going straight to the top,you bet.

Joey’s first band didn’t get that far.

They had their first taste of the bad stuff.

But man that boy can sure play guitar.

But thing’s were getting out of control,so

Joey left,enough was enough.

Joey auditioned for a band that had a strong

following in their home town.

He started to sing lead as well as playing the

six string demon.

He got the gig,playing up front,man they had

an awesome sound.

They played their gig on the Friday night,people

were screaming and dancing in the aisles.

So Joey had his first taste of fortune and fame.

He started to live life in the fast lane.

Still only sixteen,he was on his way.

But deep down joey know’s he cant handle the


The band went from strength to strength,they did a

few gigs in Sydney,supporting a national act.

They got good reviews in the local press,they were

up and running,and that’s a fact.

So Joey had his second taste of fortune and fame.

He was starting to realise that this was more then a


But he couldn’t keep his feet on the ground,Joey,loved

but at the same time hated the fortune and fame.

The band was really going place’s,they did a demo,looking

for a record deal.

Joey was looking around,thinking is all this for real

Play guitar and sing and all the kid’s are going crazy.

But then thing’s started to get confused,a little hazy.

Joey and the drummer had an argument over money.

Joey was thinking I am the star,i should be paid the most.

The rest of the band didn’t agree,and told Joey that he should


The band split,the back stage fight’s had taken there toll.Joey

didn’t know what he was going to do next.

But he knew that he was better then the the band

So he went solo lol.

Joey has had another taste of fortune and fame.

He has come to realise this is not a game.

Even if it was a game,this game has no rule’s.

So if you live a life with no rules,sometimes you pay a


Is Joey willing to pay the price?

He might think this ride is for free,but you will pay.

joey’s first solo gig’s go really well,he play’s like a

trooper a super trouper.

He love’s the spotlight,being up front,the centre of


And also the girl’s did I forget to mention.

The groupie’s kept all of his need’s satisfied.

They were anomymous face’s,tit’s and arse’s are

all the same.

Joey was tired of the games and all the bullshit.

He just wanted to play and sing,he live’s for the music.

Joey’s next gig didn’t go as planned,he had had a few

many Bourbon’s and fell off the stage.

It is about time Joey stood up,and started to act his age.

But Joey didn’t listen,he was a goddamn rock star.

or so he thought.

There is a lesson here,and it has to be taught.

If you get to big for your boot’s someone will cut you

down to size.

As sure as egg’s and bacon,as sure as the sun rise.

Joey was young and naïve,still only18.

He has signed a contract that he shouldn’t have signed.

Mr Greed has taken him for a song and dance.

Joey played for peanut’s Mr Greed took the rest.

Joey has had another taste of fortune and fame.

Everybody knows his face,everybody knows his name.

Mr Greed the record company exec,want’s Joey to do a

national tour,to support his new single.

But Joey doesn’t want to tour,he want’s to stay at home.

Turn off the phone,and wait for the Mr Greed contract to

finally come to an end.

Mr Greed is talking about a lawsuit,so Joey goe’s out on the

tour,his heart isn’t in it,he doesn’t want to do this anymore.

Backstage after the gig he hook’s up with a shady character

who offer’s Joey a little something to take away all his ill’s.

Joey like’s the little something,and he want’s some more

It take’s away all the business stress and all the shit.

Joey is also happy,because his song has become a hit.

So joey’s tour is extended with more sold out show’s.

He goe’s from motel room to sound check,it is all go,go,go.

Joey and the shady character are the worst of enemie’s,the

best of friend’s,all at the same time.

The substance’s that he is taking,are starting to mess with his


Joey has had another taste of fortune and fame

But this time the taste has turned sour

He cant stand the drudgery,hour after hour

Early the next morning,Joey decide’s to go for a walk,

He is tired of all the interview’s and the business talk.

But he is met by the paparazzi,who shove camera’s in

his face.

Asking him to smile for the camera,smile for the fan’s.

Joey used to like the attention,now it is something he

cant stand.

So he has to live his live hiding behind sunglasses,and a

funny looking hat.

But the show must go on,there is no stopping the machine.

Gig after gig it is all becoming,very draining.

Joey remember’s when he was sober,no drink,no drugs,nice

and clean.

He remember’s the sun,he hate’s it when it is raining.

The rain remind’s him of his life now,cold wet and miserable.

So Joey makes a decision,and he tell’s the driver of the tour

bus to stop.

Joey grab’s his guitar,get’s off the bus,and start’s to walk home.

Mr Greed has filed a lawsuit,but Joey couldn’t give a toss.

He is living his life,day by day,no drink,no drug’s.

Joey is now average Joe,living out in the suburb’s.

With an ordinary job,an ordinary wife,just an ordinary life.

Fortune and fame

Who need’s it.                          .