I know this might sound crazy,but I am currently

living in a stranger’s skin.

I don’t know myself anymore,I cast no shadow.

Am I still alive?

I used to be left footed,now I kick with my right

I used to be a bit of a wimp,now I can fight

My brain is thinking straight,it must belong to someone


My vision is crystal clear,so why am I wearing glasses?

My favourite fruit is a banana,so why am I eating an apple?

Before I couldn’t win at anything,so why do I win when I


I used to have long hair,so why is it now short?

I used to score goal’s at soccer,but now I am scoring nought

I used to be a good kid,so why is my hand in the cookie jar?

I used to be a teetotaller,so why am I sitting in a bar?

Stranger’s skin,it is kind of a tight fit.

Stranger’s skin,is there another size?

I used to have skin ink free,so why do I have a tattoo?

I don’t know who I am,I used to be me,now I am you

I used to like to wear hat’s,so why is my head bare?

I used to go freeballing,so why do I now wear underwear

I used to go for long walks,so why do I now just sit on the


I used to have a good job,now all I do scrouge

My favourite TV show is Seinfeld,so why am I watching Ellen

I used to quiet and mellow,so why am I freaking yelling

I used to have a long nose,so why is it now a little slope?

I used to a optimist,now I have I hope

Stranger’s skin,It really is starting to itch

Stranger’s skin,life can be such a bitch

My favourite colour is blue,so why am I wearing red?

I used to be the handed bandit,so why am I now so good

in bed.

I used to be clean shaven,so why am I now sporting a beard?

I used to kind and gentle,so why am I now ferocious and feared?

I used to like hard rock music,so why do I now like Justin Beider?

Y’know,what can I say,i have caught the Beiber fever

I used to go to bed really early,now I stay up all night

I used to like to go fishing,now I just go to the fish and chip shop

I used to be a fucking thief,now I am a uniformed cop

I used to like to like scary movies,now I watch documentaries

I used to be rude to people,now I am very complimentary

I used to be a litter bug,now I throw it all in the bin

I used to go to church on Sunday,now all I do is sin

Stranger’s skin,never goe’s out of style

Stranger’s skin,i think I will wear it for a while

But when you think about it,your skin is only the outer layer

It is what is inside,that really matter’s

So just be the best person that you can be.

So whether your skin is white,black or brown.

It doesn’t really matter,cause we are all the same.