I sit on my back porch,and draw the smoke

into my lung’s.

God,I love a cigarette,they make me feel good

they calm me down.

Another drag and I start to splutter an cough.

I have another drag,the cough will go away.

I finish my cigarette,stand up,and my head is


I have a choice,my health,or cigarette’s,and I

think the cigarette’s are winning.

I have a doctor’s appointment for my annual


The doc say’s hello,then start’s prodding and


I am really worried about this cough,my clothe’s

are soaking.

I knew my smoking wasn’t doing me any good.

Maybe the doctor’s report will be fine,touch wood.

The doctor get’s out his stethoscope,and put’s it on my


He moves to my back,and listen’s to my lung’s.

He shake’s his head,and by the look on his face,the new’s

isn’t good.

I also have swelling in my feet,through bad circulation.

Some day’s I can hardly stand up,i am getting worried

my body reek’s of desperation.

I have been smoking since my early teen’s,I was trying to

be cool,just trying to fit in.

Smoking on the back of the school bus,trying to be part

of the so called in crowd.

What was I thinking for crying out loud.

Enough of this looking to the past.

The doc is finally talking,at long last.

He told that his report isn’t that good.

He told me to give up smoking.

He said that my lung’s look like I have been

working in a coal mine.

And that my circulation is flowing like a dried

up creek.

If I want to see my grand childen grow up.

I have to give up smoking.

If I want to reach retirement

I have to give up smoking.

If I want more money in my wallet

I have to give up smoking.

I walk out of the doctor’s clinic,in a bit

of a daze.

That and cigarette smoke and haze.

I look down at my finger’s,and say’what

the hell am I doing?’

I throw the cigarette on the ground,and stamp

it out with my shoe.

I have to give these thing’s up,before my finger’s

and toe’s turn blue.

I arrive home thinking about way’s to quit.

And I start thinking about my friend cold turkey

who live’s inside my head,right next to will power.

They are the two friend’s I need most in this

desperate hour.

I will talk to them,right after I take a shower.

Cold turkey and will power agree to help me give

cigarette’s the flick.

Because cigarette’s can make you sick,very sick.

It has been a week now,and the craving’s have

gone from strong to weak.

Another week has come and gone,and I am feeling

mighty fine.

My cloth’s,no longer smell of smoke,they smell

fresh off the cloth’s line.

My lung’s are a little clearer,as they clean out the


I am feeling excellent,all is good so far.

My blood is flowing around my vein’s,like the

river Nile.

What is that on my face?It is a proud as punch


Six month’s later,i have finally done it,i am

totally smoke free.

Cold turkey and will power have really helped

me out.

Of that I am very grateful.

I have come to realise that giving up smoking is

all in the head.

I am glad I wrote this story,now I am going to bed.

But before I go,I have got something to say

Some thing that I really mean.


This story is dedicated to my workmate Lee

Who is trying to give up smoking

Keep it up,never give in.