This is a story about a renegade vegetable

who got tired of being stuck in the ground

He wanted to move around.

Out in my vegetable patch

live’s a very strange Bean.

Not a broad Bean,not a string Bean.

But the strangest Bean,you have ever seen.

Little Green Bean,was tired of having it’s root’s

stuck in the ground.

Being on the vine is all good and fine.

But Little Green Bean wanted to live,give

everything a try.

Before he ended up in a stir fry.

While he hung on the vine all day,getting all

the heat from the Sun.

Something was happening to the Little Green


Now this Little Green Bean,is’nt a Mexican Jumping


And Jack and the Beanstalk,is nowhere to be seen.

The star of this story is the Little Green Bean.

A stranger Bean you have never seen.

Well the thing that was happening to the Little

Green Bean.

Was something better then the most vivid of


Much  better then the dawn of creation.

The Little Green Bean started to grow arm’s

and leg’s.

And then it grew a head.

It was no longer a Little Green Bean

It was a Human Bean.

The Human Bean crawled down from the vine.

And started to whisper,in what you could say,

was a voice.

It started to whisper to the Carrot’s and Pea’s.

It walked over to the Herb garden,and whispered

some word’s of wisdom.

We are going to rise up,and start our own kingdom.

Soon all the vegetable’s and Herb’s are getting


Shedding their root’s and leave’s.

Talking about a Revolution when vegetable’s  rule

the world.

The Little Green Bean get’s on the Grapevine

To try and spread the word.

‘We are Vegetable’s,We will be heard’.

The Little Green Bean,is tired of all the talk about

Beef,Chicken,and different cut’s of meat.

With the Vegetable’s pushed to the side.

Now that thr Vegetable,s are on the march

you better run and hide.

But the renegade Vegetable’s didn’t count on

human revenge attack.

And their number one weapon

Sergeant Pest A Side.

Sergeant Pest A Side went on the offensive,and

sprayed the whole Vegetable patch.

The Vegetable’s have come to realise that they

have met their match.

The Vegetable rebellion has come to a sudden end.

You know Carrot’s and Pea’s can only put up so

much resistance.

They wore their raincoat’s and held up their

Umbrella’s,but the pesticide got through.

Don’t let no one tell you that Vegetable’s are


Cause they are really a good bunch of fellow’s.

The Vegetable’s have fought the fight

but the fight is over.

They have gone back to living with the weed’s

and Clover.

But the Little Green Bean is still there if you look

close enough.

He might be Green,but he is mighty tough.