This is what happen’s when you listen to

a balloon

When I was a little kid,about six year’s old

I think.

I had a friend who was a bit different from my

other friend’s.

You see,my friend was a balloon.

We became friend’s at Christmas time

My mother was blowing up red and green

balloon’s to hang near the Christmas tree.

But for some reason there was one blue balloon

in the pack of red and green.

I knew straight away that that balloon was mine.

My mother blew up the blue balloon,and handed

it to me.

Attached to a five foot long piece of string.

Now I know you wont believe this,but I swear,the

blue balloon,told me his name.

I heard his voice in my head’My name is Ollie,and I

will be your friend for life.’

I thought,how can I balloon talk without a mouth.

But I definently heard him talk.

I went into my room and got a black texta.

And I gave Ollie a face.

A mouth,eye’s,a nose,and some hair.

My mother called to me that it was tea time.

So I went downstair’s to the kitchen,and tied

Ollie to the back of my chair.

And I picked up my knife and fork.

And then Ollie started to talk in my head.

We sat there for a while chatting back and forth.

My mother asked me who I was talking to.

I just pointed at Ollie,and I gave my mother a look.

Surely she can hear Ollie talking,cant she see his

lip’s moving.

My mother give’s me a look,as if to say.

Whatever keep’s you happy son.

I need to use the bath room.

So I untie Ollie and take him with me,so my

mother cant stick him with a pin.

I am standing there doing a wee,and I can feel

Ollie’s eye’s staring into my back.

I think’Dont be silly’,as I shake off my willy.

Balloon’s cant see.

Then Ollie start’s to talk again,and he tell’s  me

that wherever I go he has to go as well.

So nothing bad can happen.

I think I am going nut’s,as Ollie’s voice fill’s my


And then I think about the other kid’s at school

and what they will think of Ollie.

The next morning I arrive at school,with Ollie

holding my hand,via a length of string.

The other kid’s see me and start pointing and


They ask me’What’s with the balloon’.

And I tell them that the balloon is my friend Ollie

and that he can talk.

Well all their mouth’s drop,they cant believe what

they have heard.

A talking balloon,is all to much for kid’s to under stand.

They say that if the balloon can talk,let’s hear him.

So they pick up some rock’s and start throwing them

at Ollie,to try to make him talk.

But Ollie doesn’t talk,he start’s to scream.

He scream’s in my head.

The screaming wont stop.

It just goes on and on.

I tie Ollie to a fence post,while I go into class.

It will be good to get some peace and quiet.

But the peace and quiet doesn’t last for long.

‘Come and get me don’t leave me alone’

Over and over again,all day long.

That voice fill’s my head.

The school bell goes for the end of the day.

I race and untie Ollie and tell him to stop talking.

But he doesn’the just goes on and on.

I think my head is going to explode.

I have had enough

So I pick up a pin from the kitchen table

And I stick it in Ollie.

With a bang Ollie explode’s

Ollie is deflated.

Oh yes,the sweet sound of silence.

I do all my homework,watch some TV.

Then it is time for bed.

I brush my teeth,say goodnight to my

parent’s,and climb into bed.

A couple of hour’s later I am woken by a

tapping on my bedroom window.

I cant believe my eye’s.

Cause floating  there is Ollie,inflated.

With a band aid over the pin hole.

If look’s could kill.i would be dead now.

With a murderous stare,Ollie start’s screaming

in my head.

You might have a pin,but I have a gun,and pretty

soon I am gonna have some fun.’

As quiet as a kid can be I race downstair’s,go to

my school bag,and pull out my slingshot.

I race outside,to my bedroom window.

And Ollie is still floating there.

Our eye’s meet,and before Ollie can do anything.

I load my slingshot with a stone,and from about

twenty feet I aim and hit Ollie.

Ollie explode’s and fall’s to the ground at my feet.

I pick up Ollie,race upstair’s,throw him in the toilet

and press flush.

I press that button ten time’s,just to make sure Ollie

has been flushed away.

The next morning thing’s are back to normal.

I go to school on the bus,talk to my friend’s.

The thought of Ollie doesn’t even enter my head.

When I arrive at school,i cant believe my eye’s.

There before me are over a thousand blue

balloon’s floating around the school ground’s.

Just then I feel something snap inside my head.

And I know I am no longer a kid.

I am just a shell.

Ollie has gotten his revenge.

I now reside in a home for the bewildered.

I sleep in a padded room.

And eat with a plastic spoon.

I have tube’s coming out of different part’s of

my body.

Trying to keep me stable.

All I can think about are blue balloon’s

especially one named Ollie.

He is Cain I am Abel.